Anthem: \An"them\ n 1: a song of devotion or loyalty 2: a song of praise.  Architecture has throughout history been compared to song and is referred to with terms like metre and rhythm.  If a building is an architect’s composition, and each project is an opus, each building should be a client’s anthem.  Every building should represent who uses, or lives in it.

     Anthem architects is a full service design firm specializing in total client satisfaction through every step of the design process.  With Anthem, you will never wonder how your project is progressing.  Anthem will keep you updated every step of the way by posting your drawings to the internet.  Anthem uses state of the art software, AutoCAD Architectural Desktop 2006, Microsoft Office 2003, and Microsoft Project 2003, to guarantee your project will be designed quickly, efficiently, and with optimal input from each client. 

Anthem Achitects is a member of the American institute of Architects (AIA)

 Anthem Achitects is a member of the Association of Licensed Architects (ALA)